Monday, October 27, 2008


I am a girl who enjoys nice things. However, I am also a girl of Swedish descent. This means that encoded in my DNA is a virulent form of frugality. Some people might go so far as to say I am cheap. I would beg to differ because I have relatives who would make the pre-visitation Ebenezer Scrooge seem positively wasteful.
I am careful about what I spend because it is the wise thing to do, especially these days. Also, saving money wherever I can means I have extra money for the things that cost more. Some things are just worth the money. (Girl trips with my BFFs - absolutely worth it!!!)
I have to confess that I get a ridiculous high from scoring a really wonderful bargain. I remember these for years. It's like a treasure hunting adventure for me. One of my all time best deals was paying $20 for an evening gown that was originally priced at $298. And it was a gorgeous dress! (The store was changing owners.)
So, this week I was at the Goodwill store looking for items for Prince Charming's Halloween costume. And just so you know...Halloween store gangster (not gangsta') costume -$39.99.
Goodwill store boys' pinstripe suit - $4. I always make a tour of the store because you never know what you will find. And there, at the end of the rack of ratty looking wool coats and pleather jackets, I saw it. A very cute leather jacket. It is gold and cut like a denim jacket. Classic and perfect for evening. And, because I make it my business to know these things, I can tell you that this particular jacket is from a private label collection available at Saks Fifth Avenue. The original price of this jacket would have been at least $300. I paid 8 bucks!!! Sweet!
Also, my mother will be haunting my dreams to reprimand me for revealing what I paid for stuff. She was Swedish and frugal, but also very Southern. Discussing what one paid for something is, and I quote, VULGAR.
But still...I totally scored!!!


Susan said...

I need a different description or a photo. Otherwise, I'm assuming you're dressing as a fucking lightbulb for Halloween. A GOLD leather jacket? Like Donna Summer might have worn? Heavenly days, help me here!!!

By the way, thanks for your kind words today. Sorry I'm not returning them but a fucking gold leather jacket????!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your kids aren't reading this because I obviously have the need to say FUCKING a lot. I'm sure you understand.

Angel said...

Okay, I must confess that it sounds funky, but I swear it is really cute. My husband likes it and doesn't remind me of Donna at all. Of course, now I am going to go google pictures of her just to be sure.