Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gender Differences

Prince Charming leaves for camp tomorrow and needed some new towels. I mentioned this as we were about to leave the house and he decided to stay home. I almost asked if he was sure he didn't want to pick out his towels, but Little Runner Girl had to be somewhere, so I didn't. Little Runner Girl hopped in the car and said "Prince Charming's not coming?" I said "No, I have to go buy him some towels." Little Runner Girl rolled her eyes and said "I would want to go so I could pick out my towels. Boys are so weird." Apparently, towel color and design are not exactly a big deal to almost twelve year old boys.
Of course, I am sure there are some girls that age who don't care either. I just don't happen to know any. But here is what really made me laugh...Prince Charming called me while I was at the store. "Hey Mama? I need another bathing suit, too. Will you get one while you're at the store?" I guarantee a girl would never wear a suit she didn't pick out for herself. Boys. They are weird.