Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My friend Mad Scientist has gone back to school to get her Masters. She is teaching school, going to school and keeping her family running smoothly. I am so proud of her!!! But, the other day she said something that just freaked me out. We where taking a long drive for a field trip and chatting happily when she mentioned how much her kids miss having more of her time, especially her son Absent-Minded Professor.
Mad Scientist is almost finished with classes for this semester. She told me that her first weekend without homework, she plans to spend the whole day at home. "We'll stay in our pajamas and watch movies and not brush our teeth..." she said. Not brush teeth!?! Aaaaaagh!
We all have our little quirks and this just happens to be mine. I could go (and have gone) a couple of days without a shower. I could easily spend an entire week in my pajamas (okay, let me just be honest and say an entire lifetime). I could live without brushing my hair or wearing deodorant if I absolutley had to. But to not brush my teeth...I cannot begin to describe how deeply that thought disturbs me.
I have to go brush my teeth now.


Susan said...

I know you THINK you need to brush your teeth. But you really just want two bags: one for your toothbrush and one for your toothpaste. And, oh yeah, a third bag for your floss and another for your dentist's business card and a fifth for an extra toothbrush just in case your teeth are in an ornery mood...

Angel said...

Want to know something scary? In my car, right this very moment, is a bag full of flossers. Another bag/box hybrid has toothpaste and mouthwash. My toothbrush has its very own little case.
Geez Louise! I'm a nut job!

YrObtSvt said...

Fluoride is simply a chemical mind control agent introduced by the CIA into our toothpaste and water supplies so they can initiate a satellite-broadcast takeover of the population in order for the administration to impose a dictatorship upon the Amer.... *bleep!*

I mean: By all means, use fluoride toothpaste! It's good for you!