Monday, September 22, 2008


We finally made it to Boston. Our first experience with the city was a psychopathic cabbie who was quite upset that Suze would dare touch his buttons. I believe his name was DoNotBeTouchingMyButtonsIDoNotLikePeopleAlwaysTouchingButtonsDoNotTouchMyButtons.
After I did not tip him and told him, with typical Southern understatement, that he was "quite unpleasant", we went to our wonderful room. With two bathrooms!!! OK, the showers were almost exactly the size of a Barbie Dream House shower, but there were two bathrooms!!! The three of us have shared many, many bathrooms, but we have never had the luxury of two. Suze and Prankster took one bathroom. My bags and I took the other. I think this says something about me. Suze is thinking it says "See! You have too many #$@& bags!".
We had a truly wonderful meal at Legal Seafood. My appetizer was an absolutely divine lobster bisque. Our whole meal was fabulous. And, because I have no shame, I told every single person in Boston that we were celebrating my birthday. Our very sweet waitress brought me cake. And the staff sang to me. Like a spoiled six year old. I love being treated like a spoiled six year old.
After dinner we took our stuffed selves wandering around aimlessly. What a cool city! Modernity and history all in one remarkable package.
We ended the evening at the coolest Irish pub. I want to live there. In the pub. Which may not be practical for daily life.
Can I rewind and relive our weekend? No? 'Cause I am ready to go back to Boston right now!

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YrObtSvt said...

"I love being treated like a spoiled six year old."

Really? Including the spankings? That explains a lot....