Friday, September 19, 2008

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Fair warning: much of what I find uproariously funny when traveling with Suze and Prankster doesn't seem funny to others. We tend to have hours of "you had to be there" moments. We once spent at least 45 minutes in a hotel room bed laughing and joking about a place called The Chicken Hut. My face and stomach seriously hurt from laughing so hard, but when I tried to explain to The Saint what was so hilarious, his eyes glazed over and he gave me the my-wife-may-need-a mental-health-professional look.
Our Boston adventure began with a minor miracle. I was early! Early!!! Prankster constantly promises "I will leave your ass!" because I am never on time. She's never left me though, 'cause she loves me. I should stop telling people that or she really will leave me sometime.
Prankster is terrified of flying and getting her on a plane requires some self medication. The first thing I saw when the car door opened was Prankster's grin. "I just had a tequila shot!" she said proudly. It was 5:30. In the morning. Just so you know.
After the lovely barefoot bag search involved in getting on a plane these days (And whoever thinks I can travel with all of my cosmetics packed into a quart bag is just insane. Some girls can get by with very few cosmetics. I am not one of those girls.) we settled in to wait for boarding and were soon visited by The Spirit of Obnoxious Attention Seekers. We were treated to the delightful self-involved chatter of The Loudest Woman on the Planet. So was everyone else on the plane. Everyone on the flight quickly learned how much the rental company wanted to charge her group for a car, where she worked, how much her dad's car cost, how much her mom's car cost, what shoes she would love to buy, the Tiffany ring she would like to have, the cost of the ring her father just bought her mom, the fact that her father flies coach so she and her mom can fly first class, where some random guy that might be worth dating lives, her plans for the entire weekend, where she would be eating dinner in Boston, etc., etc., etc. She was completely oblivious to the glares of the passengers in the surrounding aisles.
In an effort to shut out the screeching and (to be completely honest) because we could, we ordered cocktails the minute the flight attendant asked. In Atlanta, we had a little time before our next flight so we had some lunch and another drink. And missed our flight! OK, the plane was actually still at the gate, but they had already closed the door. Suze did a magnificent job of booking us on another flight. To pass the time we decided to visit the airport bar. We were quite merry by the time we made the plane to Boston. And we all had a good nap on the way.
And I will have to comtinue this story later because I do have a few actual responsibilities in real life. Bleh!

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