Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why I Don't Like Oreos

When I was a kid, like probably most kids in this country, I liked Oreos. Crunchy chocolate cookies. Creamy filling. Tasty stuff.
I'm not exactly sure how old I was when this happened, but I would guess ten or eleven. I was spending the night with Queen Elizabeth (a.k.a. my oldest friend) and Double Stuff Oreos had just come out. (I think. I don't remember ever having them before. And the weirdest thing about this story is that Queen Elizabeth's mom was always baking so these may be the only store bought cookies I remember ever seeing at her house. Hmmmmm....)
Anyway....we were the only ones up and we found a huge unopened package of Double Stuff Oreos on the table. We got out the milk and a couple of big glasses and proceeded to eat. The entire package! With glass after glass of milk. Bleh! To this day, Oreos gross me out. Oddly enough, I do like Cookies and Cream ice cream. But I always pick out any huge chunks of Oreo.
On a side note...Queen Elizabeth has no problem eating Oreos. She's tougher than I am.


Keith said...

I once ate an entire 1 lb bag of Grandma’s mint chocolate chip cookies and washed ‘em down with grape KoolAid. I've always had a sophisticated palate.

YrObtSvt said...

I don't see the problem here. A bag in a night? Where's the problem? You're just a wuss. Next time I see you, I'm gonna be packing Double Stuff Oreos and you're gonna eat 'em and you're gonna LIKE it!!!