Friday, June 5, 2009

Diamond State

I had a fairly magical childhood. It wasn't perfect. In fact some of it was not good at all, but I always knew I was loved. Both of my parents were affectionate and fun and found lots of ways to make everyday things special.
When we moved to Arkansas in the late '70s, it was almost like moving to a different planet. Having lived in Houston for as long as I could remember, I had quite an adjustment to make. My parents made a real effort to point out the beauty around us.
Early one morning, days after moving into our new house, my Daddy called me to come outside. He was very excited to show me something. There in the grass was the most incredible sparkle. "Come look" he said "it's an Arkansas diamond!" We walked closer and closer, the sun glittering on this diamond in our yard. Finally, I laid down in the grass to get a closer look and my Daddy stretched out on the grass beside me. All these years later I still think that is what made it so special, that he would stop getting ready for work to lay in the grass with his child. Even up close, the light was incredible, the shine nearly blinding. The diamond, of course, turned out to be dew. "But it's just as beautiful as diamonds" my Daddy said "and God scatters them in our yard every morning for us to enjoy."
I was a lucky, lucky kid!


Keith said...

And I trust you pass along the same simple gifts to your own children.

Susan said...

I would have had a hissy fit that it wasn't a real diamond. THAT? I've passed on to my children.

Angel said...

Suze, you are an excellent thrower of hissy fits! And I love you!