Monday, December 1, 2008

The Playmobil Conspiracy!

This evening I discovered yet another reason I am happy I had my kids while I was still in my twenties. Playmobil!
In case you don't know, Playmobil is a European company that makes wonderfully detailed, tiny little toys. There are entire Playmobil worlds of itty bitty fun. Pirates. Knights. Fairytale castles. Hospitals. Police stations. It really is cool stuff.
Anyway, my kids just loved Playmobil when they were younger. Prince Charming still plays with it occasionally. The thing with Playmobil is that somebody (meaning parents) has to assemble some of these tiny little items. The sets come with illustrated instructions which avoids the whole strangely translated English issue. So what does all this have to do with the timing of my procreation? I was still in my twenties when I first put together a Playmobil set. This was a much easier task than it is at 40, let me just tell you!
And why am I still putting together eentsy bits of Playmobil plastic?
I still get the kids a Playmobil Advent calendar every year. Yes, they are probablty too old for it, but it's tradition! Besides, Prince Charming still openly enjoys his (and, in fact, has reminded me every day this week that it was almost December 1st). Little Runner Girl would probably tell you she's too big for toys, but she still opens hers and sprawls in the floor arranging the little figures. Of course, I did have to resort to asking her for help putting her brother's things together today. That stuff was way easier to see when I was in my twenties. It's a conspiracy, I swear!!!

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YrObtSvt said...

Dear Mrs. Sleeve,

We at the Playmobil Childhood Joy Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Teledyne Arms Manufacturing and Mercenary Registry, Inc.) thank you for promoting our product, the Playbomil Advent Calendar, on your web log, or "blog" as the kids say. We wish to call your attention to a few issues that have been raised by heartless, child-hating lawyers who would like to see this beloved Christmas tradition relegated to the toilet bowl of history.

1) The figures in the Advent Calendar are not actually chocolate. They are just painted brown, and might smell like chocolate, and could even accidentally taste a little chocolatey. But they're not actually chocolate, and your children should under no circumstances eat them. Though our lawyers advise us not to go so far as to call them a "choking hazard."

2) The Advent Calendar, while adopting design elements of actual calendars, should not actually be used to try and tell the date, owing to the fact it is based on a 1943 Betty Grable pinup calendar and, therefore, only accurate once every decade or so. Please use an actual calendar company's calendar to schedule your holiday celebrations.

3) That pain in your wrists you feel after putting the Advent Calendar together is not carpal tunnel syndrome. No way, no how. You're just getting old and arthritic.

We appreciate your patronage, and look forward to selling you many more Playmobil Advent Calendars in years to come -- and, while you're at it, why don't you do your part to help out the economy and pick up a Playmobil Easter Alarm Clock, Playmobil Annunciation Sheep-Herding Set, or Playmobil Calvary Home Crucifixion Diorama (not recommended for children younger than, oh, 9-ish).


Lawrence P. Madagascar
Executive Vice President for Playmobil Operations
Teledyne Arms Manufacturing and Mercenary Registry, Inc.