Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Long Song

An excerpt from Prince Charming's song in the car today, one in a lifelong series of car songs. The entire collection is only a small sample of the Prince Charming Comedy Network.
So, here it is......

My cousin has a chocolate mustache,
I bet it cost a lot of cash,
It looks pretty weird,
But not as weird as my beard,
Which is actually awesome,
Better than a possum,
Which are better than koala bears,
With all their crazy hairs.
Koala bears are cool,
Except for when they drool.
We'll never be apart,
Except for when they fart.

There was more, much more but I can't remember the rest. He also happened onto the one slang word he didn't know for his boy parts (rhymes with long, you can figure it out). My explanation of why he really didn't need to sing that particular word resulted in a very serious "Oh. Okay." Followed, of course, by the hysterical laughter I had been expecting.


Susan said...

Just why the hell can't Prince Charming sing about his schlong? You're such a mean mom...happy new year, bitch.

YrObtSvt said...

Thong? Was it thong? Or dugong? How about pong? Or maybe gong?

Damn but your kid has a weird sense of humor. One more reason to like the boy.

By the way, we had great fun at the party with you. I have sent the video of you in the kitchen to Prince Charming's teachers, to use in their sex education classes.

Angel said...

Wait. What video in the kitchen? I may have missed part of New Year's Eve somehow.

Angel said...

By the way, Editor Boy, Prankster provides the sex ed at our school! So there!