Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Are You?

I am incredibly lazy about getting my hair cut. Actually, I think part of my problem is that I like my hair somewhat long and every time I do go in to get a haircut I suffer a minor (or occasionally major)trauma. I probably average one haircut a year, maybe two. (This particular habit of mine used to drive my Mama batty.)
I think my last haircut was in May and I had gone at least a year without cutting it before that. My hair is long and pretty ratty looking right now so I tend to default to putting it up. I hadn't realized how often I was wearing my hair up until Tuesday. I left my hair down and when I got to school, I swear at least six preschoolers gave me a puzzled look and asked "What's your name?" Dollbaby even tilted her head and said "Are you sure?" when I told her. Long-haired Mrs. H. just blows their little minds.

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YrObtSvt said...

There are only two options RE: Hair. Long, and shaved off.

I encourage you to trend towards the former.