Thursday, August 28, 2008


One of the many amusing things about Little Runner Girl is her long list of food quirks. She eats multicolored foods (M&Ms, Skittles) by color, in the same order every time. She loves dried apricots, but only if they are cut into tiny pieces. She loves Swiss cheese, unless it is shredded. She will only eat perfectly smooth varieties of yogurt. She doesn't like any kind of condiment, including salad dressing, barbecue sauce and gravy. She likes almonds, but only if they are slivered. She prefers to eat her pasta and her sauce seperately. She used to take all the Crunches out of Crunch bars and eat them last until I cleaned up one too many slightly used Crunch pieces.
For dinner tonight she had one of her very favorite meals...a Sonic Chicken Toaster Club. With no cheese. No mayo. No tomato. And when she gets this lovely, dry, bread, bacon and chicken creation, she always opens it, takes off half of the lettuce, rearranges the bacon, and peals the crust from the bread. She eats the sandwich and then eats the crust. And then she sometimes eats the extra lettuce.
My girl cracks me up!

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Susan said...

See, that's why you're a better mom than me. That would totally irritate and piss me off. For no legitimate reason!

You gotta tell me. Who's Clownfish? I only have one guess and I don't think it's right.