Sunday, February 1, 2009


Under the category of Things I Never Thought I'd Do (a category which includes saying "No sword fighting in the house!" and explaining menstruation and not pestering your hormonal sister unless you want to die to a male child) comes signing model releases for my boy. Yes, he is adorable. Yes, his father takes wonderful, marketable photos. Yes, I enjoy the checks we receive from the sales of said photos. Even so, it's slightly bizarre to think of my boy as a "model". Just sayin'.


Susan said...

Based on the title of that post, I thought I was going to hear an orgasm story.

Children earning money for their parents is a GREAT thing.

YrObtSvt said...

Note to Hunter: Your parents are making money off of your good looks! Make sure you get a commensurate increase in your allowance!!!

Angel said...

I knew you'd think that.
Slaves don't get an allowance.

YrObtSvt said...

Dear Mrs. Sleeve,

We at the Young Adonis Male Model Residence Academy wish to congratulate you on the signing of your son's first release, or -- as it's known here in the industry -- "indenture."

Now that a day has passed, you will notice that additional language (printed in time-delayed ink, but guaranteed bulletproof by our lawyers) has appeared on the indenture. Pursuant to its strictures, your son has been picked up by our transition team (please refrain from using the term "stolen in the night by masked and hooded thugs," it is considered prejudicial by the courts) and is ensconced in his dorm room at the Young Adonis Academy, which is well-hidden in the beautiful woodlands of Gurdon. Here he will undergo extensive training for his future runway career. He will master strutting, pouting, haughtiness, disdain, preening, composure (and strategic lack thereof), animal magnetism and, of course, how to dress right nice.

In accordance with the new language on the indenture, we will begin billing you in monthly installments for this service. Once your son has reached the age of majority and is allowed to work for the standard rate (less our modest 75% management fee), you may petition him for recompense. Yeah, good luck with that. Hope you got him some really nice Christmas presents in the past.

In closing, let me say how proud we are to add your son to our stable, and encourage you to look forward to the day you can open GQ, turn to the inside back cover and say to your friends and relations, "That's my little boy's tuckus inside those Calvin Klein men's lace briefs."


Wadillat Masouf, CFO
Young Adonis, Inc.