Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reason # 958 Billion That I Hate Walmart

I know, I know...I haven't posted in centuries. Either my life is busy or my life is boring. I'll let you figure out which is the truth.
So, today I went to Walmart to pick up mulch and lawn bags, certainly not a complicated errand. Except that it's Walmart. Ugh! I eventually find the aisle with trash bags - and I say eventually because nothing is in a logical place and there are no actual employees to ask. There are two shelves full of various size kitchen trash bags, but none of the ultra sturdy lawn bags I need. I figure they must be in the garden center, so I head that way to get mulch and bags. I get five bags of mulch (and on a side note...there was an employee in the garden center. He didn't offer to help me, but he did stand and watch me lug 5 huge bags of cypress mulch onto the cart. Do you know how much wet cypress mulch weighs? I'm not the tiny thing I once was, but I'm also not likely to be mistaken for a female weight lifter anytime soon. Geez Louise, offer a girl some help!)
Where was I? Oh yeah. So I go to the garden center check out and ask where the lawn bags are because I cannot find them. Mr. Walmart informs me the lawn bags are in hardware. Actually, maybe sporting goods. No, hardware close to the sporting goods. 'Cause that makes sense. What kind of crazy people would put yard care items with the yard stuff?
So, I leave my big cart of mulch and trot over to hardware/sporting goods. I cannot find bags anywhere in the area. I finally pass an employee, wandering through hardware, and ask about the bags. "Ugh, I don't know...what kind of bags? I don't know if we have those. You can ask Brooke. She knows that stuff". Brooke. Of course. Because I know exactly who Brooke is and where to find her. I do eventually find a woman who may or may not be Brooke. She also does not know where the lawn bags are, but she does know that kitchen bags are in the middle of the store. She suggests I look in the garden center for lawn bags. Very helpful.
After 20 minutes of attempting to buy stupid bags, I pay for my mulch and drive to Target. I walk to the trash bag aisle ( and was stopped by an employee who offered to help, though I already knew where to find trash bags in Target) and there they were, trash bags of all strengths...including the super ultra tough lawn bags. I grabbed a box and was out of there in five minutes. Yay Target. I heart you much!


Keith said...

Malwart is as close to hell on earth as it comes. I avoid going in there at all costs but when I do go, I have one simple request: Make every Walmart organized in exactly the same manner! Those places are crazy! Plus I feel like I have to take like a three and a half hour shower when I get home from there. Ugh, indeed!

Susan said...

SO glad you're back! And congrats on the new house. I hate Wal-fart more than I hate being sober. For some grins, check out It's a wonderful timesuck!

Jerusalem said...

Hi Angel!
Here is a link to that store where all the baking goodies were on my blog:
Thanks for stopping by!