Monday, March 16, 2009

Snack Time

As I was getting snack ready for the aftercare kids today, some of the older classes were walking down the hall to the parking lot. I don't why, but the preschoolers love to watch them leave, like it's the Primary Wing Parade or something. They wave and comment like they're expecting the big kids to throw candy.
Anyway, the kids are hungry by that time of the day and have snack on the brain. Today, a big kid said "Bye, Mrs. ______" to one of the teachers in the hall. Italy turned toward me with the most delighted look on her face and asked "Is her name really Mrs. McSnack!?"
Hmmm....she is really sweet.

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YrObtSvt said...

Dear Mrs. Sleeve,

We at the Litigation and Copyright Protection Office of the McDonald's Corporation thank you for alerting us to the leak of our new product, the McSnack. We have abducted the family of the child who revealed the name of the new menu item and are currently interrogating them in an undisclosed location, in order to determine how they came upon this knowledge so we can have our Internal Security and Employee Assassination Department eliminate the original leaker.

As a symbol of our gratitude, please feel free to drop into your local McDonald's for a free Big Mac. Just identify yourself to the man wearing dark glasses and a trenchcoat as "the woman who knew about the McSnack leak" and follow his instructions.


Ronald "Clownface" McDonald IV
President and CEO
McDonald's Restaurants Inc.